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Galactic Republic
Welcome to the 
Jamaican National Bobsled Team
​Hello Again.  So I can bet you all are wondering why your ranks within the guild have recently changed. Well that is because now have a structured system for deciding what Rank your character should be.  Currently The ranks are Private - Captain are solely based off of what level your Main Character is.  Non-officer alts will follow this guide for Rank as well.  Officer alts will automatically be set at a certain Rank.  Ranks are as follows:

 ​Private:​  Entry Level Rank until level 19

Sergeant:  First Promotion Levels 20 - 29

Captain:  ​Second Promotion Levels 30+
                             **Awarded one Alt slot**

Lt. Colonel:   Position for Officer Alts

Colonel:   Promotion for level 40+ Characters.  Current Officers will decide                             when this promotion is awarded.

Rank Titles may change as this guild expands and evolves for end game content.  Such Idea are Two Separate Rank Trees for PVP and PVE Characters, More information will become available down the road.
Guild News

Welcome Bobsleders

SkyHealz, Feb 7, 12 10:47 PM.
I would like to welcome you to the Jamaican National Bobsled Team.  We plan on focusing on high level Player vs Player content and having fun while at it.  We plan on doing some lite pve content for members who are interested.  This site is still under construction.  Ideas are welcome and if you are interested in running certain Flashpoints Feel free to add it in the forums under the Flashpoint Link.

Have fun and be safe
Guild Rules
Rule #1: Minimum Age: 16 ​While the game says it is for folks ages 13 and up, we have run into some hassles and headaches with some younger members.  As the vast majority of our members are adults, we have found it necessary to implement a minimum age of 16 to ensure the maturity of our Guild.

Rule #2: 21 Day Log Rule.  ​We are building an ACTIVE Guild here, and if you can't find the time to log onto your toon at least once every 3 weeks, I'm afraid we will have to give you the boot.  This is not a place to store your toons.  If you happen to be going on an extended vacation or being deployed overseas, please send me an email and we'll make sure to save your toon in the Guild until you return.

Rule #3: Begging.​  Asking members of the Guild for large amounts of Credits will not be tolerated.  Excessive begging, pleading for Credits/FP runs is bad form and will not be tolerated and my be grounds for expulsion from the Guild.

​Rule #4: No Jerks Allowed.  Let's face it, there are alot of folks in this game and i'm sure we've all bumped into a jerk or two.  Well, we are not having any of that.  This is a place for fun and friends, so if you want to be a jerk, fine, you just can't do it here.  We are Newb Friendly, we were all newbs once, so please try and be helpful to new players. A violation of this rule will be reviewed by the officers and expulsion from the Guild will occur if deemed appropriate.  

Well that's about it for the rules. 
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